George Weiss

George Weiss '13

George Weiss ’13

George Weiss ’13 (MHA) had a goal—earning a graduate degree. When George’s employer announced their plans to build a cancer treatment facility not only did Weiss decide to get started on his graduate degree, but was inspired to do it in order to be considered for an executive role within the Miami Cancer Institute.

With his wife’s blessing, Weiss began the task of working full time and attending classes at night.
“I devoted half of Saturday and all day Sunday reading the materials and writing the papers that were required. On Sunday, I was off limits except for emergencies.”

So deep was his commitment that he would leave from vacations to attend class and return the next morning.

Weiss currently serves as the Administrative Director of the Radiation Oncology Department for Baptist Hospital of Miami and is also the Director of the Cancer Data Center for Baptist Health’s six-hospital system. He also co-directs the American College of Surgeons accredited cancer program for Baptist Health. Prior to his current position as administrative director, Weiss was a nuclear medicine technologist for 25 years.

“I enjoyed a nuclear medicine career until this career change came along. My new job as administrative director was an exceptional opportunity with many advantages, until life dealt me some different cards.”

George’s new role at Baptist radiation oncology became personal when several family members and best friend were diagnosed with cancer.

“From this personal cancer experience, I developed a patient-centric philosophy that guides my decisions. I believe every patient is the most important person in the world and my expectation is that every patient will be treated that way. I try to meet every patient and I tell them that.”
Under Weiss’s leadership, department patient satisfaction scores soar among the 99th percentile consistently. “We foster a culture of patient centric quality care and leading edge technology, but the staff makes it happen. They are the most important resource.”

When George is not leading his outstanding team at Baptist Hospital of Miami he can be found in the outdoors; either fishing on his boat or in the water beneath it, SCUBA diving.